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Google verb! A Meme.

Soo I tried this out and here are the results!

Maddie needs:

“Her own life” 

Reaction: -_- thank you google…

Maddie looks like:

“A fruit bat.”

Reaction: I always dreamed of flying  and only eating fruit!

Maddie says:

“its fun to share!”

Reaction: YAY! Do you want my bannana?!

Maddie wants:

“New clothes.” 

Reaction: Well, I did really!

Maddie does:

“not deserve this.”

Reaction: Oh, no, no. I really don’t

Maddie hates:

“the iphone!”


Maddie asks:

“For a match.”

Reaction: Ummm, ’til I’m 17 I don’t.

Maddie likes:

“To be touched in public.”

Reaction: No comment….

Maddie eats:

“a cookie” 

Reaction: Yummers!!

Maddie wears:

“her bib.”

Reaction: MOM! I don’t need it anymore!!

Maddie was arrested for:

“Multiple murders.”

Reaction: Oh yeah, don’t mess with me yo!

Maddie loves:


Reaction: Okay fin, I shall share…. My real name is Mini mouse… 8:)

Maddie goes:

“To parris!”

Reaction: But I hate frogs!


Soooo yeah… 😀


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Oh what a surprise!


I was going across cafe press (love that website!) and I came to the twilight online store. Looks like only girls like romantic books about vampires that don’t have fangs and can’t keep themselves away from their crush. Oh, Godness gosh! I’m reading the books. To be honest, I like Jasper a lot better than Ed. Oh, yeah I whent there!

Here’s a closer lok if yu didn’t catch it from the full screen shot:


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My horse Nerdy


I found a really cool website were yu can creat a horse or pony! I named my pony Nerdy.

If you have an acount on send a friend invite to hapymaddie13!



Little baby Nerdy!

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Saddest Song ever

Made me cry! Have a box of tisues near.


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Those stupid ads…



I hate these kinds of ads. They get really annoying!!!!! Gee thanks Adsense. (I thinks thats what its called)

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This day in History – January 7th

This guy can get annoying at times but some pretty nifty things happend to day!

Just got bored, so I checked the mail!

yep, thats me being a dork 🙂


Happy January 7th everyone! Check back for more posts and tell your friends!!!



Don’t forget to check out my about me page…

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I owned this game!

the-chronicles-of-narnia-prince-caspian-screens-20080424094733943_640w 1950287aaa

Man, the one game I’m actually good at! Narnia Prince Caspian is full of action, puzzles, and fantasy. Which is why I like it! I definitely recommend this to people that like role playing, or mythical animals! OMG I’m such a geek… I beat the game in 2 days. (NOT 2 STRAIT DAYS!)


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